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360-degree feedback

An effective feedback tool that helps identify weaknesses in work and find ways to improve the personal efficiency of employees.

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FEEDBACK 360/360-logo.png360-degree feedback is a feedback tool on the quality of the employee's work based on the "mutual feedback" principle.360-degree feedback provides an appropriate environment for honest and constructive feedback, helping your employees assess their importance to the company, identify areas of development, and improve their efficiency. This evaluation process enables people to easily and quickly get feedback on the quality of their work from those they work with and compare the result to their own perception

An important condition for feedback is the anonymity of the feedback participants
What does 360-degree feedback give?
To make necessary efforts to manage successful staff
To identify problems that may affect employees' performance
To open communication channels for team enhancements
To raise self-consciousness
360-degree feedback process
Distribution of feedback questionnaires

distribution of logins and passwords to mobile numbers of respondents

Consolidation of results and preparation of reports

Generation of reports for 9 employees

A major international retail company has requested to evaluate the management team to determine the current level of competence, development zones for further training and career planning. A limited amount of time (one week) was given for the project, and the requirement was to carry out the evaluation in two languages (Russian and English).
of the problem
To solve the customer's problem, it was suggested to use the 360-degree feedback technique by Thomas, a tool to obtain honest and constructive feedback, helping employees identify areas of development, improve their efficiency and compare the result to their own perception
Using the ready-to-use competency builder, a company-specific competency framework was developed within one day, and an evaluation questionnaire was automatically generated in two languages on the basis of this framework.
The evaluation process was conducted within two working days, and the results of the evaluation were automatically downloaded as participants completed the test. Further feedback and recommendations were provided by a certified expert.
The result of the project completely fulfilled the customer's request in a very short time. The final report allowed to see the current level of competency of each evaluated employee, as well as the difference between the company's and the employee's vision. As a result of the project, the company identified further steps to improve the performance of the managers' team, the training program, and the career development plan.