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Banking disputes

Unable to repay a bank loan? We will help you not to become a debtor.

The difficulty of loan repayment is very common, especially in times of a crisis, when loan money becomes a heavy burden under the influence of external circumstances. 
Most frequent disputes
Challenging the terms of loan agreements;
Amendment of the terms of a loan agreement, including changes in the payment schedule and amount;
Solution of issues with collateralized property, its loss, replacement, etc. 
Challenging the increase of the loan interest rate by the bank; 
Incorrect accrual of interest and commissions on the loan;
Ioan debt restructuring;
Reduction of the amount of penalties;
Challenging suretyship contracts;
Invalidation and termination of bank contracts;
Mortgage issues.
What do we offer?
Donsulting services and information support in cases of identification of a problematic debt to a bank and overdue payments;
Debt to the bank and delinquencies;
Defence in court on banking issues;
Settlement of a dispute with the bank through the pre-trial process;
Provision of recommendation to clients on drafting of contracts;
Drafting and preparation of necessary documents.
Cost of services
10 per cent of claims (the minimum cost of services is 250,000 KZT)
* calculated individually depending on the scope of work.