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The job profile (JOB)

Allows to determine the behavioral requirements of a specific position

The job profile (JOB)
What does the job profile do?
Search and recruitment of a candidate suitable for a certain positionIdentification of employees performing the functions not meeting their competencies and search of the suitable position in the company Maintaining of the high moral spirit and loyalty Full implementation of the employees' potential

What does it include?
The behavioural profile of a position which is prepared on the basis of the company's strategy and objectives 
Sample report
The report will be available for download as a PDF file.Sample reportOrder a test
Additional benefits of the job profile (JOB):
Test time:  About 20 minutes per position
Testing: in the office or remotely 
Number of questions:  24
Result: Immediate, online (sent by e-mail) 
A job profile is determined together with a consultant from Key Partners Consulting 
This profile is subject ot agreement with the company management
Candidates are compared with this profile to identify the most suitable candidate
CustomerThe job profile (JOB)
A popular network of restaurants is aimed at expansion of its business and opening of new restaurants all over and outside Kazakhstan. Therefore, there was a need to determine the ideal profile of the manager and the waiter, as well as for further assessment of the suitability of existing staff and candidates for these positions.
of the problem
In order to achieve the customer's goal, it was proposed to have an ideal job profile using the Thomas job profile analysis, as well as the personal profile analysis of all working employees and candidates for these positions.
Using the JOB Profile, we were able to determine more precise requirements for positions, as well as to take a fresh look at the current responsibilities for them, thus identifying a more efficient workload for each employee.
The second phase of the project was the direct evaluation of existing staff using the personal profile analysis. Analysis of each person took only 8 minutes, the analysis results were downloaded autimatically as the participants finished the test. Further feedback and recommendations were provided by a certified expert.
In the course of feedback, each employee saw his or her strong areas, internal motivation factors and a potential for development of skills and competencies. In turn, the employer was able to understand an employee/candidate was fit for the corresponding position, and how to make better use of his/her professional potential.
The results of the project fully met the customer's expectations. The customer managed to evaluate the existing personnel within a short period of time, and effectively distribute the personnel by positions that allowed to improve the performance and motivation of each employee, reduce the staff turnover and establish an appropriate development program.