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Career Guide

Career Guide defines the main areas of activity that are suitable for a given person, taking into account his or her personal characteristics.

Career guide
What questions will the career guide answer?
What are the strong and growth zones?What motivates the person to succeed?In what professional areas will it be easier for the person to succeed?

What does it include?
A detailed report consisting of a self-portrait and a list of the most suitable professions Verbal consultation and analysis of the results of your report with a certified expert (as required);

Sample report
The report will be available for download as a PDF file.Sample reportStart the test
Additional benefits of the Career Guide:
Test time: 8 Minutes
Testing: in the office or remotely
Number of questions: 24
Result: Immediate, online (sent by e-mail)
You answer the online questionnaire questions 

The system generates a report that will be sent to you by e-mail
You receive a complete PPA report. You may also receive a verbal consultation from your certified expert on the results of your report