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Leadership Skills

Leadership skills provide information on the availability and peculiarities of leadership skills in a human, help assess potential leadership abilities and identify development areas.

Leadership Skills
What questions will the Leadership Skills answer?
-What is the personal management style of this particular person;-Strong areas and potential constriants;-Communication style;-Presentation skills;-Decision-making style;-Time management skills;-Work with other people's resistance;-Readiness for training and learning needs.

What does it include?
-A detailed report consisting of a self-portrait, information on key leadership competencies, and what skills need to be developed to be a successful leader;-A verbal consultation and analysis of the results of the report with a certified expert (as required);

Sample report
The report will be available for download as a PDF file.
Sample reportStart the test
Additional benefits of the Leadership Skills text :
Test time:  only 8 minutes
Testing: in the office or remotely 
Number of questions:  24
Result: Immediate, online (sent by e-mail) 
You answer the online questionnaire questions
The system generates a report that will be sent to you by e-mail
You receive a complete PPA report. Besides, you may also receive a verbal consultation from your certified expert on the results of your report