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Legal audit

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What is a legal audit? 
It is an independent, comprehensive or partial legal review of the Company's activities in accordance with the existing legislation and standard business practices. 

We provide a comprehensive legal analysis of the status of business and test the following areas:
Corporate documentation
Review of incorporation instrumentsAnalysis of the legitimacy of the company's management decisionsAnalysis of permits and licenses
Labour relations       
Review of documents regulating labour relations in the company
Identification of risks associated with labour relations, including the risks associated with sanctions of regulatory authorities
Contractual relations
Review and analysis of transactions and other obligationsIdentification of the risk of default by counter-parties and risk mitigation recommendations
Recommendations for the organization of work with debtors and creditors
Review of incorporation documents, the legal status, corporate management documents, decisions of collegial management bodies and main powers of attorney.
Analysis of main transactions with shares, information about share holders/partners, their property and non-property rights. 
Analysis of state regulation of company activities, main contracts and company property rights and other risks
Property rights
Review of proper registration of rights for tangible and intangible assets
Why do you need it? You can assess potential risks of the company's losses as a result of:
Default by counter-parties
Imposition of sanctions for non-performance of civil obligations
Imposition of administrative sanctions on the company or the company's officials
Legal audit procedure:
Filling in of a customer's questionnaire
Identification of the type of audit and the cost of services
Performance of the audit as per a milestone plan 
Preparation of an audit opinion 
Elimination of discrepancies identified in the course of the legal audit (upon request)
A customer contacted us with a request to perform an audit and restore the HR management records in the Company with more than 120 employees in the staff. The tasks included the audit of the HR management records for the last 20 years, and restoration of the HR management records as well as further HR management records keeping in accordance with the existing legislation of the RoK.
of the problem
We presented a commercial offer for solution of all set tasks. It was proposed that the project would be implemented within 3 months. Two specialists were engaged in the project.
An audit was conducted within a month. An audit report was submitted within 15 calendar days after completion of the audit. After that, the work on restoration of the HR management records was performed in line with the existing legislation of the RoK wihin the next 45 days.
The customer was happy with the work done and continues to cooperate with us in the area of labour law services.