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Registration/re-registration for business entities

We offer 
Registration/ re-registration of legal entities, small and medium-scale business entities     
Preparation of necessary documents and contracts
Support in registration in tax authorities (including obtaining of a stamp, a cash register, VAT registration, etc.), complete registration of a legal entity   
Assistance in establishment of business for non-residents of the RoK and foreign representations 
• Consulting on legislative matters 
Assistance in registration of small and medium-scale business entities, representations, branches, etc.)
Cost of services

For residents of the RoK For non-residents
and legal entities with foreign participation
from 30,000 KZT
from 100,000 KZT
Record registration of branches/representations from 30,000 KZT from 100,000 KZT
Amendments and supplements that do not entail re-registration of a legal entity from 20,000 KZT from 20,000 KZT
Change of management from 20,000 KZT from 20,000 KZT
VAT registration from 20,000 KZT from 20,000 KZT
* The cost does not include: state fees, notary's services, stamp costs, translation services 
CustomerFly Dubai
The customer required legal advice on several legal issues:
1. Registration of a company with the core activities related to sales and booking of air tickets
2. Legal aspects of travel agent activities
of the problem
We have prepared our commercial offer on submission of a legal opinion on legal issues, including establishment of a company in the territory of the RoK. A commercial offer was also prepared for legal support of operation of the established company.
A legal opinion was prepared on raised issues. A company named Fly Dubai with the core activites related to sales and booking of air tickes, including travel agent activities was registered. We continue to provide full legal support to the company we have created.