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Registration of a trademark

Trademark is something that makes you unique!

A trademark is a unique designation of goods or services registered under Kazakh law or protected without registration by international treaties. We help our customers register and get a trademark registration certificate within one year! 
Registration steps
Preliminary examination with verification. Up to 1 month
Full expert assessment with an opinion. Within 9 months
Registration of a trademark and obtaining of a certificate!
Depending on the results of the expert examination, registration may be refused (pursuant to Article 6 and 7 of the Law)
What does the service include?
Collection of documents;
Filling in and submission of an application to the authorized body;
Support of the submitted application at every stage of registration;
Official correspondence with the authorized body;
Obtaining of a trademark registration certificate;
Period of service provision
from 12 months
to 18 months
Cost of services
100,000 KZT, excluding state fees and duties
Our guarantees
We will refund 50 % of the cost of services in case of refusal in registration