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Legal support in establishment of business by foreign legal entities

Registration of a legal entity (Limited Liability Partnership - TOO) with foreign participation

We will help you
Obtain an electronic digital signature (EDS) and business identification number (BIN) for a foreign legal entity, individual identification number (IIN) for the founder;

Receive an EDS as well as IIN to the future director of the LLP who is a foreign citizen (on condition that no permit to engage foreign labour is required);
Prepare the required state registration documents;

Check the submitted documents, prepare the final package of documents for state registration;
Assist in making of a stamp and opening of a bank account;
Notarize the required documents;       
We also provide notarization services;additional consulting services on carrying out of activities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
What documents do we request? Required documents:
Notarized identity documents of founders if they are individuals and notarized incorporation documents of founders if they are legal entities
Notarized identity documents of the future director of the LLP; director of the company who is a foreign citizen (with copies and translation in Russian and Kazakh);
Addresses of actual location (residence registration) of the founders; Legal entity name options (at least 3 to exclude coincidence);
Planned amount of the charter capital;
Planned core activities;
Planned legal address of the legal entity;
Resolution of the founder/authorized body of the founder which is a legal entity on establishment of a subsidiary organization (for non-residents of the RoK) - a limited liability partnership (LLP/TOO);
A document confirming the legal status of the founder (a foreign legal entity) in the residence country (abstract from the trade register, etc.) with notarized translation into Kazakh and translation into Russian and Kazakh.
Memorandum of association (if required)
Notarized articles of association 
Copy of the electronic certificate of state registration of a legal entity Stamp 
Period of service provision
from 3 to 30 calendar days. 
Cost of services
from 100,000 KZT