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Legal support

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Legal outsourcing- why is cost-effective?
Legal support, subscription services, or outsourcing is a full range of legal support services provided to a company by a team of professional lawyers on a remote basis.  
Legal subscription services
We will be with you 24/7: we will not get sick, go on leave or disappear
The whole team of specialists will work with you on complex issues
Costs of subscription services are less than salaries of full-time lawyers

Full-time lawyer
If your lawyer falls ill, your company will temporarily lose a specialist
The general profile lawyer is often not able to handle complex problems arising in business.       
Salary of a full-time lawyer is around 2mln KZT per year on average. Do not forget about social payments and maintenance of the work place
 cost of services  

 Description of services

Package XS0-5 queries60,000 KZT

Package S6-15 queries100,000 KZT

Package M16-30 queries200,000 KZT

Package L31-60 queries400,000 KZT
Provision of verbal and written consultations on issues of application of the existing legislation in the sphere of civil, labour, banking and financial law + + + +
— Legal examination of legal documents + + + +
— Development of standard draft documents + + + +
— Development of individual projects of contracts, contracts and agreements + +
— Legal support of transactions + + +
— Development and modification of incorporation documents + + + +
— Customer (notification of the customer + + + +
— Representation of interests in court  + +
— Customer support at the stage of enforcement proceedings, provision of information support to the Customer (notification of the customer Vincluded, on condition of additional payment* Vincluded, on condition of additional payment*
— Work in the Customer's office  Once per week, not more than 4 hours not included Once per week, not more than 8 hours included Twice per week, not more than 16 hours included
— Registration actions + + +
Number of man-hours  up to 8
From 9 to 15
From 16 to 40 40+
the final cost of the legal support package is calculated individually for each Client, depending on the level of complexity and number of queries
Stages of the project
At first, we discuss with the Customer about the required amount of work
The Customer or a responsible lawyer raises requests in the system
Requests are processed within 1-2 working days, with the exception of big projects 
After processing of a request, the Customer or the head of the legal group receives a notification
Feedback on the provided service
The director receives the status on all requests at the end of each month
The customer required legal outsourcing in terms of representation of interests in court, work with counter-parties, contracts as well as legal consulting.
of the problem
More than 400 deals were closed due to the legal support, including deals with the following companies: Mars, Wrigley’s, Microsoft, Costa Coffee, Sberbank, Samsung. More than 40 real estate transactions were carried out, and more than 3,000 consultations were provided. Besides, two claims to tax authorities on illegal accrual of taxes in large amounts were settled in 2016.
As a result of our work, lega support services were provided to Ken Dala Business Center and a number of companies located in the west of Kazakhstan.
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